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Representing 4 crazy myths about vaping and proving them all wrong

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We don’t seem to get enough from vaping myths and urban legends about vaping which are also often paired up with fun scary stories too. For real, the anti-vaping groups are in fact strong, especially in countries such as the United States, where some of these myths are actually talked about as legit concerns. That’s why we would like to contradict the myths and we would like you to learn more about these myths, so just in case someone brings one of these up for you, you can successfully explain why these are untrue. So, let’s get started.

1. Vaping is more addictive then smoking

We are not entirely sure who was the first one who came up with this myth but it has surely not much truth in it. Although smoking is a habitual addiction, which means that users get addicted to the act or ritual itself way more than to the actual ingredients they take in with the cigarette vaping was never proved to be more addictive than smoking. On the contrary, vaping was specifically founded in order to combat smoking and help users quit. There is no single ingredient in any e-liquid which would be either harmful or addictive in any way either.

2. E-cigarettes can explode

If any device is used properly, the chances for battery explosion are close to zero. We know, that since the Samsung Galaxy fiasco people love to release clickbait articles and videos on exploding batteries, but let’s emphasise the fact that 99.9% of the batteries do not explode unless they are faced with fire or other extreme conditions. It was never proved that an e-cigarette’s or vaporizers’ batteries would normally explode for any brand who officially produces vaporizers let them be pens or mods.

3. Vaping is a way to starting smoking

There is an urban legend which says that vaping was made to make those people smoke wouldn’t normally do so. This is a complete myth. As mentioned above vaping was made for people who want to quit smoking. That’s why vaporizers are always targeting smokers by offering a healthier solution for them to start quitting. These devices are simply not marketed towards people who don’t smoke.

4. Vaping can make you catch pneumonia

This myth stems from a study which was done back in 2014 by an Italian professor who suspected that vaping and catching lipoid pneumonia has a connection. This has caused an overall panic back then and contrary to the fact that the same professor has since contradicted himself and stated that according to his further researches no connection has been confirmed between vaping and pneumonia, nobody seems to care much about it.

5. Second-hand vape is as dangerous as cigarette smoke

We all know about the dangers of second-hand smoking and surely it was this fact which made several anti-smoking groups question the qualities of the exhaled vapour. However, while there are many researches in the topic and each one of them states that vapour is not harmful to inhale this myth is unfortunately as strong as ever. We hope one day, there won’t be any such myths and misconceptions about vaping. Until then, help spread the word. Vaping can help millions to quit smoking and live longer.