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Advanced vaping, mods and the top misconceptions about advanced vaping

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There is tons of talks on advanced vaping and communities of advanced vapers which have quite a mystery around them. Therefore we decided to try to clear up this situation and share some interesting facts, misconceptions about advanced vaping for you.

1. Misconception: advanced vaping must be complicated

The fact of the matter is, you don’t have to complicate things, even if you are an advanced vaper. You can go about with your standard vaping pen and use that for years to come. The whole thing about complicating comes from the past and present experimenting of some geeks, professional or unprofessional who first started to devise then to further maintain and develop specific devices which are commonly referred to as “Mods”. These devices are vapers all the same, but they work with an open system giving much more space for those with an electrician or similar background to further experiment with them. There are some who hunt for the perfect taste while others hunt for the perfect battery. If you don’t have such background, it’s best to avoid these experiments altogether.

2. Misconception: Mods and AVPs are the same

While mods and AVPs are commonly referred to as being the same, they are not by origin. Although mods are customized machines which were not even in mass production, AVPs are those devices which today you can also get from the mass production market. However while Mods stay open system and hackable, AVPs are rather set in their own ways. While both come with way better performance and functionality and both words are rather being used as umbrella terms for an advanced vaporizer, they aren’t exactly the same.

3. Misconception: you can only become an advanced vaper if you are ready to commit to working with mods

Vaporizers all work the same (except for the dripping atomizers who those are not mass produced). They have their battery, atomizer, cartridge and their e-liquid to use with them. You don’t have to be an electrician (either certified or self-elected) in order to call yourself an “advanced” vaper. Anyone who’s fond of vaping can be an advanced user without belonging in the so-called “Mod-Squad”. While the first Mods, the ancestors of some of APVs were created by avid vapers back in the day, when there were mainly poor performance e-cigs as an option for the normal vapers, you don’t need to prove you handcraft batteries, in order to call yourself an advanced user.

4. Misconception: Dripping is the new “in”

There is a new community within advanced vaping community which calls themselves “drippers” and builds name for a new methodology called “dripping”. This means transformed devices with an open atomizer that would take direct dips of e-liquid and transform these directly into vapour. While this sounds exciting, it also makes the device much useless, especially to carry it anywhere. While it’s definitely interesting, no one could prove that dripping would really create better flavours.

We hope you found this article interesting. Remember, you don’t have to “belong” in the class of advanced vapers in order to simply being one.