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A step by step guide to switching smoking with vaping

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Vaping is a fun habit which is way healthier to both you and the people around you, so it’s no wonder that vaping today has a real strong community and vaping is having its golden age, with tobacco stores also selling e-liquids and vaping machines, especially for beginners. In this article we would like to give you a few handy advice on how to make it easier to switch to vaping, if you are a smoker.

Let’s get started!

1.) Don’t make this switch obligatory: or it will stress you out and eventually you may end up smoking twice as many cigarettes as before. Make this a healthier option for the times when you don’t feel like going out to get cigarettes, when it’s raining or snowing outside or when you are in the company of friends who don’t smoke.

2.) Do baby steps: if you start small, you won’t force yourself for a change and therefore it will be way more effortless than if you did so. Switch only one or two cigarettes to vaporizer in the first few weeks, then gradually start vaping a little bit more and smoke that little bit less.

3.) Let your non-smoking friends motivate you: no one wants to have their friends disturbed or stressed out in their company therefore start bringing a vaping kit instead of cigarette for nights out. Although now you also need to exit a club if you want to vape, you will see and feel how much better you feel within a few days, without smoking all that much ( if at all).

4.) Enjoy the quality of the thousands of flavours: AVPs (Advanced Personal Vaporizers) are really cool for one key reason and this is the e-liquid which is available in so many tastes as stars on the sky. Ranging from traditional to fantasy flavours, trying new flavours, or creating your own is a common topic for discussion in vaping communities.

5.) Join a vaping community as soon as possible. This will keep you more focused on your goal and provide you with understanding company. Most of today’s avid vapers used to be smokers too therefore they will understand all the hardship that comes with the quit ’n switch.

6.) Save money with vaping. Although the whole pack can be a bit expensive on a higher note regular smoking costs so much more money, especially if you have to buy a new pack every day.

7.) Keep it with you and if you have shorter programs make sure you ’forget’ your cigarettes at home.

8.) The two key aspects which cigarettes have but vaping pen and e-cigarette producers have been struggling with is to create an absolutely credible light and smoke for a device. While smoke is the smaller issue, it looks like we still need to wait for these sort of e-cigarettes for a couple years more.

We hope you could learn from this article and consider switching smoking to vaping. Don’t forget, if you make this compulsory, then your switch to vaping will be seriously sabotaged.