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All you need to know about vaping kits: key information for beginners

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There is lots of information available about vaping, but unfortunately the majority of these can be quite misleading. Therefore we are here to tell you all about vaping, its origins and the whole situation about vapers and e-liquids today. Let’s get started.

What is a vaper?

Vaper is today’s next best alternative to smoking, a device that basically creates a smoke-like vapour with the help of a specific vaporizer which transforms the liquid substance of the filler (commonly referred to as e-liquid) to a smoke and steam like substance (vapour) which can be inhaled and exhaled, making vaping very similar to smoking. While the first proper vaper was founded back in the Sixties in China, there are multiple ways of smoking which try to turn the habit into a healthier one. This includes water pipe which was the first healthier alternative to smoking. With the use of water as a filter, the water pipe can filter out the majority of the harmful chemicals tobacco includes. What’s ground-breaking about modern vaping kits is that they are electronic, they have rechargeable battery and they are small and easy to carry around.

What is an e-liquid?

This is the liquid substance one uses to fill the vaper with. The content of the e-liquid looks like this:

Glycerine: this is an oily substance because it’s derived from vegetable oil. The good thing about this substance is its ability to create lots of vapour, the smoke like substance you can inhale and exhale and that’s why its quantity counts in an e-liquid. This substance was proved not to be harmful to inhale or exhale in form of vapour. The only reason e-liquid cannot be merely glycerine is that as a chemical it doesn’t carry flavours well, and vaping needs additional flavours to make the habit all the more attractive.

Propylene glycol: this is the additional chemical to be used in e-liquids. This is also used as a main ingredient in lots of asthmatic inhalers, therefore it’s normal and not exaggerated use is not harmful at all. The other good thing about this element is its ability to carry flavour very well and that’s also why they are used in e-liquids.

Additional nicotine: this is optional as not all e-liquids contain nicotine, but some, especially smokers, need this extra to make vaping more similar to smoking.

Additional flavours: they can be food-grade flavourings, natural and artificial flavours and e-liquids are available in tons of flavours.

The good thing about e-liquid is that they come in so many flavours, therefore users love to experiment with these. This brings vaping a little bit closer to smoking shisha where they also use flavoured tobacco for the water-pipe. The other big deal about e-liquids is, that they are not device specific. You can buy an eliquid and use it with practically any vaper you want to.

As there are so many, there are tons of stores always having discounts on e-liquids so you can get them cheaper. Another advice is always to buy from certified vaping shops.