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Vaping vs. smoking: how can vaping help you quit

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Contrary to the fact that these days, there are several people who start vaping without having smoked before, vaping is a habit that has been devised specifically for those people who would like to quit smoking and would like to find an alternate habit to switch to, which is similar to smoking but it’s much less harmful.

Vaping has several roots, some of which go back to the middle ages, when the first people have tried their hands in using water pipes. While the methodology is not the same, water pipe was the first healthier alternate to smoking tobacco, by using water as a natural filter, to filter out most of the toxic ingredients tobacco contains. Water pipe or shisha was also the first alternate for those who didn’t merely want to smoke, but wanted to experiment with all sorts of different flavours too. But the modern roots of vaping go back to a Chinese pharmacist, who has in fact invented the first vaping machine, one that contains no harmful chemicals but totally replaces those to healthy alternatives. The reason behind the pharmacist’s motivation was simple: he lost his parents to smoking and therefore had a real motivation to devise such a tool, which would help smokers all around the world in quitting.

Vaping has many fans but also tons of enemies. There are still lots of misconceptions around the habit, perhaps because of the simple reason for it being hard to be put into any categories. Today, vapers are mainly restricted the same way smokers are, which is not exactly the best approach, but coming from the lobbying of anti-smoking groups, it’s understandable.

So, what can vaping and cbd gum offer you which smoking doesn’t already have? The answer is simple: it’s currently the only tool that’s very similar in habit but still lacks all the toxic effects regular smoking has on people. Besides, you can turn the habit into a great, experimenting journey with respect to the tons of flavors you get the change to try out with time.

Smoking, although it’s not a mood-changing habit such as drinking or taking drugs, is still a hardcore addiction. This is a fact, which is often overlooked. As smoking is an addiction which is based on the habit of inhaling and exhaling smoke, it means, that the easiest way is to beat it, is to replace it with something which is very similar yet not exactly the same. Vaping shares the ritual of inhaling and exhaling the vapor, which can already be very relaxing for ex-smokers who crate the habit itself. The other thing is, that in vaping you can also control the nicotine intake ( while it’s not necessary in most cases, most ex smokers do start up with e-liquids which contain nicotine).

If you are considering switching smoking to vaping, our advice is to do it with baby steps: starting slowly. This way you can still start living a healthier life, by switching one or two cigarettes to using vaporizer, then eventually ending up with not smoking regular cigarettes at all.